Naples Pizza  &  Italian Food
Naples Pizza And Italian Restaurant is  literally a slice of southern Italy in San  Antonio. Walking through the door, your  senses are immediately filled with  sights, aromas, and sounds that  transport you to the sunny  Mediterranean coastal town that sleeps  in the shadow of  Mt. Vesuvius. Your  eyes feast on extensive brick work and  state of the art pizza ovens in full view.  The smell of fresh spices, pasta,  tomatoes, and olive oil permeates your  mind. The welcoming smiles and  laughter amidst scattered Italian  phrases warm your heart. The richness  and fullness of the flavors of the dishes  prepared at Naples are intoxicating. The  varied menu leaves one wanting to try  more. If your heart's desire does not  appear on the menu, this is a place  where you need only ask the chef, and  your wish will be fulfilled . . . as long as you promise to eat everything on your plate! Your meal at  Naples Pizza is not "just" dining. It is an experience you will savor. Welcome . . . 
14602 Huebner Rd. Suite 126 San Antonio, Texas 78230 Phone: (210) 479-2670 HOURS:  Tues. Thru Thurs. 11AM to 9 PM Fri. & Sat.  11AM to 10 PM Sundays:  4PM to 9PM Closed Mondays  
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